SAIL Amsterdam Foundation

The SAIL Amsterdam Foundation is the organiser and custodian of SAIL’s core values: the presence of the Tall Ships, the maritime heritage and the support thereof. As such, the Foundation continues its long traditions unabated. Within SAIL Event Partners, the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation is dedicated to achieving the following objectives:

  • Promoting the city and Port of Amsterdam, the North Sea Canal Area and the municipalities within the SAIL Area.
  • Fostering interest in classic sailing ships, round and flat bottoms, training ships and the like.
  • Inspiring enthusiasm in younger audiences in regards to sailing at sea and inland, and also in Dutch seafaring and its history.

By organising SAIL Amsterdam every five years, the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation aims to achieve these objectives. The Foundation is also actively involved with youth sailing activities, maritime internships aboard ships and in organising small-scale nautical events.

Increased continuity
With Director Mitra van Raalten at the helm, SAIL Amsterdam is actively driving towards its ambitions of bolstering continuity and an increased international presence in the future.

History of the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation
Following the terrific success of the inaugural edition of SAIL in 1975, plans were made to host a second edition in 1980. In order to deliver solid direction, the SAIL Amsterdam Foundation was established in 1977. Ever since, it has organised recurring editions of SAIL Amsterdam every five years. The tenth edition, which will take place in 2020.



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