Ambition 2015-2025

SAIL aims to be a fleet that rules the waves of the world’s oceans. We want to hoist the sails and broaden the horizon. SAIL is a leading nautical brand inspired by our legendary history of seafaring. A brand that has a universal story to tell, recognised way beyond the wharves of Amsterdam. SAIL has export value. The adventurers of the past are the heroes of the future. SAIL is ready to sail around the world.

International ambition
The story of SAIL deserves to be translated into other languages. Cities around the world can easily put their own unique stamp on a SAIL event. And naturally the Amsterdam fleet will always serve as an iconic symbol during these ‘SAIL World Events’. After all, that’s where the story began. 

Increased continuity
International ambition relies on bolstering continuity. SAIL is not simply once every five years. SAIL is ongoing. This means that SAIL is continuously looking to make and maintain contact during the intervening years, for example, by organising small-scale nautical events for anyone who, just like us, is enchanted by the magic of maritime history.

A magnificent spectacle
SAIL remains a magnificent spectacle of sailing ships and their crews, alongside a dazzling array of festivities on the shore. We will continue to optimise each edition’s programming and organisation, embracing the very latest developments in the fields of sustainability and safety.

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